What is Macramé?

The word Macramé is derived from the Arabic word migramah, and is presumed to mean "embroided veil" or "striped towel"

It is believed this embroidery technique originate in the 13th Century in the middle east, as a way to knot together excess threads while creating patterns on shawls, veils and bath towels.

Subsequently this technique spread in Spain, Italy and in the rest of Europe. its populary has raised and fall throughout history, however recently macramé has become popular again.

This technique is used to create a variety or articles such as home decor, jewleries, accessories etc. The macramé artist uses a combination of materials and knots to create beautiful patters. The basic macramé knots to master as a beginner are:

- Lark' s Head knot

- Horizontal Lark's Head knot

- Square knot

- Spiral knot

- Double Half Hitch (right/left)

- Double Half Hitch Diagonal.

Once those knots are mastered the artist can start to create basic patters and experiment with different cord types and sizes.

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